At SSMBA families provide advice and counselling on dealing with the emotional, practical and financial aspects of raising several children at once. To assist you SSMBA HOM members will receive a HOM helpful hints package called ‘Triple Treat Tips’ which has been produced by SSMBA HOM families.

SSMBA also provides support to HOM families through:

Triplet babies

  • Birth and during the hospital stay
  • Premature babies
  • Coming home
  • First months, breast and bottle-feeding
  • First foods and feeding toddlers
  • Crawling, walking and climbing
  • Playgroup, pre-school, kindy and school
  • Teenage years

There are people who can share their experience, what has worked and what hasn't which can help you be prepared for your own parenting journey.

SSMBA HOM Community

Triplets in wagonAs well as practical advice, other HOM parents are able to provide support and compassion in dealing with a range of situations, such as how to feed 3 babies at once, what kind of giant prams are available, what cars fit 3 car seats and a giant pram and coming up with witty responses to strangers' exclamations such as "ooh, triple trouble" and "you have your hands full".