The Southern Sydney Multiple Birth Association (herein referred to as SSMBA) understands that your privacy is important to you and is committed to respecting the privacy of your personal information. This privacy policy sets out SSMBA's policies relating to the collection and use of your personal information and discloses the organisation's privacy practices including what type of information is gathered, how information is used and with whom information is shared.

This privacy policy explains in general terms how SSMBA protects the privacy of your personal information under the National Privacy Principles. You can obtain a copy of the National Privacy Principles from

SSMBA may amend this policy from time to time as our business requirements or legislation changes. If we decide to change our privacy policy, the updates will be reflected in this policy.

1. The information we collect

The types of information that we collect from you will depend on the circumstances of collection and on the type of service you request from us, for example; when you request services/products from us, we may collect details such as your name, address, email and phone contacts, children’s names and birth dates etc.

Any personal information collected by SSMBA will only:

• be collected by lawful and fair means
• be used for a lawful purpose
• be collected with your consent, and
• the purpose for collection will be clear and explicit

Where practicable, the purpose for which we collect personal information and the consequences of not providing it will be made clear at the time of collection.

2. How information is collected

We obtain most of your personal information about you when you deal with us directly, i.e. via membership forms, over the telephone, send us correspondence (whether by letter, fax or email).

3. Use and disclosure of your personal information

As set out in accordance with this privacy policy, SSMBA will only use the personal information we collect:

  • for the main purpose(s) for which it was disclosed at the time of collection
  • where you have consented to the use or disclosure

Generally we will use and disclose your personal information for the following purposes:

  • to provide the services you have requested from SSMBA
  • to answer your enquiry to register you for events, seminars or competitions etc.
  • for direct marketing of products or services
  • to keep you informed of new developments we believe may be of interest to you. (If we contact you in this way without obtaining your prior consent, we will provide you with the opportunity to decline any further marketing communications)

Personal information will not be sold to companies for mailing purposes. SSMBA will not use your personal information for any other purpose, without first seeking your consent, unless authorised or required by law.

4. Disclosure of information to third parties

We may share your personal information with third parties, including independent contractors providing services for, or with, SSMBA and we may verify with third parties the personal information you provide to us for the purpose for which it was provided. In all cases, these third parties are contractually required to keep that information confidential. We prohibit the third party contractor from using personal information about you except for the specific purpose for which we supply it. Other than the above, SSMBA will not disclose any information about you without your consent unless:

  • We believe it necessary to provide you with a service, which you may have requested and doing so is in accordance with this privacy policy
  • We are authorised or required by law to do so
  • To protect the rights or property of SSMBA
  • We reasonably believe it is necessary to prevent a threat to life, health or safety

5. Security and storage of your personal information

SSMBA will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to keep secure any personal information about you that we hold. Generally, we hold personal information of members in a combination of computer storage facilities and paper-based files. The internet is not always a secure method of transmitting information. Accordingly, SSMBA cannot accept responsibility for the security of information you send or receive from us over the internet or for any unauthorised access or use of that information. For those who do not wish to use the internet, SSMBA provides alternative ways of obtaining and providing information.

To safeguard all information collected, SSMBA follow the practices in this policy. No one is permitted to access, record or disclose information for the purpose other than for which it was intended. Every effort will be taken to ensure all outgoing electronic group messages are blinded to other parties (i.e. BCC). You can access the personal information that SSMBA holds about you by contacting the SSMBA Membership Manager at the email address We will provide you with access to your personal information unless we are legally authorised to refuse your request. We may charge a reasonable amount to cover our costs of providing the information to you.

6. Keeping your personal information up-to-date

We take reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete and up-to-date whenever we collect or use it. If the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date, please contact us and we will take reasonable steps to correct this information. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible, but not more than 14 days after the request has been made.

7. Complaints regarding your privacy

If you have a complaint about a breach of your privacy of how your personal information is collected or used please direct your complaint to our Secretary at the email address or PO Box listed on our website. We will respond to your query or complaint as soon as possible but not more than 14 days after the complaint has been made.

8. Further information on privacy

For more information about privacy issues in Australia and protecting your privacy, visit the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner's website,

End of Policy