AMBA has a special division for HOM families, which coordinates donations for new families as well as coordinating research and policy work. Please contact your state HOM representative for more details.

AMBA also supports a number of organisations, both highly structured and of a less formal nature, outside the AMBA family. These may include Facebook groups and pages, local playgroups or community or sports groups that particularly cater for multiples, or many other organisations that for one reason or another provide support and activities that benefit multiple birth families. AMBA's support of these groups is not one of providing oversight or control, but one of providing a link between multiple birth families and other groups where there is some benefit to that family and the wider multiple birth community. Organisations that are HOM specific include:

  • Aussie HOMmies Group – A Facebook group for Australian parents of triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets or more. If you’d like access please click here and let them know you’re requesting access.
  • AMBA Community Forum - a supportive, mature and well-established and well moderated space.  
  • Multiple Birth Volunteer Support Foundation - The Multiple Birth Volunteer Support Program assists families of triplets or more in their home by providing volunteers to lend a hand with the babies.  Please contact Lynne Dunoon on (03) 9662 1191 or by email for more information.