Will I Get To Full Term?

Full term mother and husband

Full term for twins is usually classed as 38 weeks compared to 40 weeks with singletons. Multiple pregnancies are classed as high risk and while many twins do get to full term others are born early. The reasons that multiples are born early are numerous and your doctor or obstetrician can explain these further. If you are prepared for the chance of a premature birth then you will be in the right mind set.

It helps to have a tour of your hospital, look at the special care nursery and chat with the nurses so that if your babies have to spend time in special care, it doesnt come as a shock. Some people will have to come home from hospital without their babies as they may need a few weeks in special care. This can be hard as you will spend your time travelling to and from the hospital and will feel a little lost. It will feel like a lifetime but when you look back on it months later, while you dont forget this stressful time, it will seem less painful.