Can I Breastfeed Twins?

The simple answer is yes, your body acts on a supply and demand mechanism, the more a baby is attached to the breast and allowed to suckle, the more milk your body will make, so with two babies, the breasts are stimulated twice as much as with a singleton, so twice as much milk is produced.

However although breastfeeding is completely natural, it is a skill that needs to be learnt, both by the babies and the mother. For some people this comes easily while for others it can take a few months before it becomes second nature. There are a few golden rules to help you breastfeed:

There are varying ways to breastfeed, some people find it easier to feed the babies seperately while others feed them together, how you do it, is your decision and you will work out what is best for you and your family. A twin breastfeeding pillow is essential as it allows you to breastfeed while freeing your arms to do other things, like eat, drink, use the remote control etc. In the beginning breastfeeding can take up to 40 minutes but don't worry this does get quicker as the babies get more efficient at draining the breast and an older baby can drain a breast in a few minutes.

If your twins are premature they may be unable to breastfeed in the beginning but do not worry, by expressing milk at regular intervals through the day and night you can build up and maintain your supply and when they are strong enough you can begin your breastfeeding relationship. The expressed milk can be fed to the babies through their nasal gastric tubes or via a bottle.

The Australian Breastfeeding Association have a breastfeeding helpline that runs 24 hours a day - the number is 1800 Mum 2 Mum (1800 626 2 626) and a breastfeeding counsellor can help you with any breastfeeding problems. For more information on breastfeeding see the Australian Breastfeeding Association.